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Can low-temperature solder save you time and money?

Through enhanced cost, safety and environmental benefits of low-temperature solder (LTS) alloys for electronics assembly, the adoption of these materials by a wide range of industries and applications is inevitable. Innovative solder alloys, such as Alpha's HRL1, give manufacturers the flexibility to choose different substrates and consider new designs, all with mechanical reliability which exceeds other LTS alloys.

  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase reliability
  • Minimize component warpage

Advantages of low-temperature solder (LTS)

  • Lower operational costs by reducing the need for additional materials, labor and energy
  • Reduce heat-related defects such as non-wet opens, head-in-pillow and voiding
  • Eliminate warpage for many thermally sensitive components through lower reflow peak temperature (reduced by 60° C)
  • Improve product reliability and first-pass yield on your SMT line
  • Alpha offers low-temperature solder pastes, preforms and cored wire

Hisco and Alpha experts will help you decide if low-temperature solder is a good fit for you.