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Safeguard components with MG Chemicals conformal and conductive coatings.

Pioneers of the electronics industry since 1955, MG Chemicals offers an extensive collection of conformal and conductive coatings to address the challenges of PCB production and assembly. Engineered to ensure superior environmental protection and to safeguard against threats of EMI/RFI, MG Chemicals conformal and conductive coatings uniquely protect circuits to extend the life of your electronics components.

Shield your devices against EMI/RFI with MG Chemicals
Conductive Coatings

MG Chemicals conductive paints and coatings are engineered for electronics manufacturing and assembly, often during the creation of electrodes and contacts and for antistatic and EMI/RFI shielding. MG Chemicals offers conductive coatings formulated with solvent-based-acyclic, water-based, epoxy and urethane binding systems.

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Superior Environmental Protection with MG Chemicals
Conformal Coatings

MG Chemicals conformal coatings protect components against environmental threats including moisture, heat, humidity, UV, contaminants and abrasives. These clear, flexible topcoats conform to the intricate geometry of the component or PCB, thereby isolating it from the surrounding environments to extend product life.

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