• Metcal
  • Metcal GT Series Soldering Stations

Achieve faster, repeatable soldering performance with
Metcal GT Series soldering stations

From standard SMT to fine-pitch and complex assemblies, improve performance and throughput with Metcal’s first adjustable-temperature soldering system.

Metcal Technology & Performance

The GT90 and GT120 soldering systems apply inductive heating to bring the stations up to temperature very quickly. This keeps the temperature stable during use and provides a fast thermal recovery when the temperature comes back up.

Metcal’s GT Series offers the highest performance that outperforms competitive systems.


35% faster soldering

Improved quality of
solder joint

Greater productivity

Lower scrap yields

Reduced consumable cost with longer tip life


  • Metcal's first adjustable-temperature soldering system
  • Best-in-class performance through inductive heating
  • Wide variety of tips and cartridge that meet any application
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 90W & 120W systems available
  • Standby and sleep settings to increase tip life
  • All in a compact footprint

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