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Metcal MX-5200 Line

Up your power and save. Buy 3 Metcal MX-5200 soldering systems, get 1 FREE.

Now's the time to add power to your soldering operations. Buy 3 Metcal-5200 soldering systems (with dual simultaneous ports) and receive 1 system for free. Save up to $1119.

Want to mix things up? Feel free. Choose from six different Metcal soldering system configurations designed to overcome your most challenging soldering, rework and desoldering demands.

How to Claim Your Free Metcal Soldering System Eligible MX-5200 Soldering Systems
  1. Call, email or chat with us to place your order
    Call - 844-807-1902
    Email - [email protected]
  2. Mix and match eligible systems as long as your free system is less than or equal to the systems you buy.
  3. Deadline for ordering, July 31, 2017

MX-5210 - (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (1) MX-H1-AV hand-piece; (1) MX-W1-AV workstand

MX-5211 - (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (2) MX-H1-AV hand-pieces; (2) MX-W1-AV workstands

MX-5220 - (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (1) MX-H2-UF ultra fine hand-piece; (1) MX-W1-AV workstand

MX-5241 - (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (1) MX-H1-AV hand-piece; (1) MX-PTZ precision tweezers hand-piece; (1) MX-W1-AV workstand; (1) MX-W4PT workstand

MX-5250 - (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (1) MX-DS1 desoldering hand-piece; (1) MX-W5DS workstand

MX-5251 – (1) MX-PS5200 power supply; (1) MX-H1-AV hand-piece; (1) MX-DS1 desoldering hand-piece; MX-W1AV workstand; MX-W5DS workstand;


PART NUMBER MX-PS5200 Power Supply Hand-pieces TipSaver Workstands
MX-5211 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔


MX-W1AV Metcal TipSaver Workstand, for Advanced & UltraFine Hand-pieces
MX-W4PT Metcal TipSaver Workstand, for MX-PTZ Hand-piece
MX-W5DS Metcal TipSaver Workstand, for MX-DS1 Hand-piece
MX-H1GR Grip Metcal Advanced Hand-piece with black sleeve in ring pattern
MX-H1GS Grip Metcal Advanced Hand-piece with black scallop pattern
MX-H1GKG Grip Metcal Advanced Hand-piece with green knob pattern
MX-H2GR Grip Metcal UltraFine Hand-piece with black sleeve in ring pattern
MX-H2GS Grip Metcal UltraFine Hand-piece with black sleeve in scallop pattern
MX-H2GKG Grip Metcal UltraFine Hand-piece with green sleeve in knob pattern

Cartridges & Tips

MX-H2-UF UltraFine Hand-pieces
MX-PTZ Precision Tweezer Hand-piece
MX-H1-AV Advanced Hand-piece
MX-DS1 Desoldering Hand-piece

Upgrade Kits

MX-UK1 Metcal Advanced Soldering Hand-Piece, Cord and Stand Upgrade Kit
MX-UK2 Ultrafine hand-piece upgrade kit
MX-UK4 Tweezer hand-piece upfrade kit
MX-UK5 Desolder hand-piece upgrade kit

What is power on demand?

Employ the power of Smart Heat technology—when you need it. All Metcal systems sense how much power is needed for the job at hand and adjust it without increasing tip temperatures. With a constant tip temperature and varying power, Metcal systems reduce the risk of damage due to overheating. Their self-regulating heaters require no calibration or operator controls. Are you sensing increased productivity?

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