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Get the right tape for the right job. Get insulation where you need it, conductivity where you want it, and little-to-no residue when you're done with it. Get higher-quality bonds from the wide variety of tapes that make electronics production possible. Get ready for a stronger value in tape. Get ready for Techni-Pro.

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Techni-Pro offers Specialty Tapes that WORK
Get more performance, stronger value, and a wider selection of the specialized tape you need to get the job done.

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Electronics Tape

Tapes designed for applications with specific electrical conductivity considerations or thermal tolerance requirements.

general purpose tapes

General Purpose Tape and Accessories

Tapes for conventional short- and long-term bonding applications.

specialty tapes

Specialty Tapes

Tapes for identifying specific components, reducing particulates in cleanrooms, and joining the ends of material.

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