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Breathe safely in your workplace with a Weller Fume Extraction System

Achieve a healthy workplace and protect the environment from hazardous substances. Weller soldering fume extractors are an efficient and convenient solution for a wide range of fume control needs and budgets.

Weller's advanced cleaning system removes harmful particulates and gases from the air by extracting and filtering the smoke flow from the worktable. The purified air is re-circulated back into the work area and does not need to be heated or cooled like external air.

Weller's professional cleaning technology provides optimum protection for workers and machines against emissions and complies with international standards for clean air in the workplace.

ZeroSmog2 MG130 MG100S MG140 ZeroSmog4V ZeroSmog6V
Number of workplaces up to 2 up to 2 up to 2 up to 2 up to 4 up to 8
Volume of gas filtered low low high high medium high
Size 14.17 x 12.99 x 16.33 in 18.11 x 8.26 x 19.68 in 18.11 x 8.26 x 24.15 in 13.77 x 13.18 x 25.78 in 13.58 x 12.79 x 19.88 in 18.11 x 18.11 x 26.18 in
Application Recommended Usage
Hand soldering normal normal extended extended extended extended
Heavy-duty soldering short-term short-term short-term normal normal extended
Solder short-term normal extended extended normal extended
Bonding, cleaning, filling short-term normal extended extended extended extended
Finedust normal normal short-term extended normal extended
MEK n/a short-term extended extended short-term short-term
VOC n/a short-term extended extended short-term extended
Cleanroom n/a n/a extended extended n/a n/a

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