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Get back in the air with next-day AkzoNobel aerospace paint.

With Aero Colors' expertise in quick-tinting a variety of specialty coatings you'll receive the right products for your applications in no time. Our same-day turnaround on AkzoNobel custom-tinted paint orders — with optional overnight shipping — dramatically reduces aircraft downtime, saving you time and money.

24-hour turnaround on AkzoNobel coatings and paint.

  • Count on nearly 25 years of experience in the aircraft coatings business from the professionals at Aero Colors for all of your general aviation, military aviation and commercial aviation coatings needs
  • We can ship over 750 products on a next-day basis
  • We have no required minimums
  • We ship nationwide, by all forms of shipping, including FedEx Air FedEx express & LTL freight
  • Quick turnaround on AkzoNobel and Sea-to-Sky paints and aerospace coatings
  • We provide compliant paperwork free-of-charge
  • Custom color formulation with optional overnight delivery
  • Formulate Mil-Spec certified Federal Standard 595 colors on demand
  • Certified to make MIL-PRF-85285 Class 1 coatings. Gloss, Semi Gloss, Flat solid colors.

Benefits of AkzoNobel coatings

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Polyurethane Topcoat
Part # OEM/Specifier Spec(s) Qualified
Alumigrip 4200

3-component high solid durable polyurethane topcoat with premium gloss

Cessna CMFS037 (G)
CSFS084 (K)
Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 5008
Alumigrip 422x

2-component, chemically cured epoxy topcoat designed to provide chemical resistance and sufficient flexibility to minimize chipping and flaking

US Military MIL-PRF-22750
Alumigrip 4250

3-component basecoat for accent colors and specalty markings.

Alumigrip 4400

3-component, high solids, durable Solid and Effect Base Coat for use with Alumigrip 4450 clear coat

Embraer MEP 10-125, TY I
Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 5008
US Military MIL-PRF-85285
Alumigrip 4450

Component, high solids, durable, Acrylic Urethane clear coat that provides exceptional gloss and DOI

Embraer MEP 10-125, TY I
Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 5008
US Military MIL-PRF-85285
Alumigrip 58 Series

2-component, high solids, polyurethane available in gloss, semi-gloss, and camouflage appearance

Embraer MEP 10-117, TY I
US Military MIL-PRF-85285, TYI CL H
Epoxy Primer
Part # OEM/Specifier Spec(s) Qualified
Aerodur 2111

VOC Compliant, chromate-free, corrosion inhibiting, urethane compatible skydrol resistant primer for aircraft exterior surfaces

Boeing BMS 10-72 TY X, NC2
Embraer MEP 10-068, TY II, CL A&B
Irkut 741.140/21-00-00-0038-0T04/0A
Aerodur 2118

High solid, polyurethane compatible, hydraulic fluid resistant maintenance primer for aircraft exterior surfaces

Boeing BMS 10-144, TY II, GR B, COMP NC
SAE International AMS 3095B
US Military MIL-PRF-32239B
AkzoNobel 10P20-13

Low VOC 2 component epoxy primer that provides corrosion and chemical resistance

Cessna CSFS084
Honeywell 51180318
Lockheed Martin G37.5472
US Military MIL-PRF-23377 Type I, Cl C2
AkzoNobel 10P20-44

High Solids Urethane compatible, skydrol resistant primer for exterior of aircraft

Boeing BMS 10-79, Type II & III, Cl B, Gr D & BMS 10-144, Type I, Grade B
Bombardier BAMS 565-008, Type I & II, Cl A, Gr B
Embraer MEP 10-068, Cl A & B
AkzoNobel 10P20-44MNF

VOC Compliant, high solids corrosion inhibiting 3 component amine cured epoxy primer

Boeing BMS 10-72 Type IX, Comp C
BMS 10-72 Type VIII, Comp C
Qualified BMS 10-72 Type X, Comp C
AkzoNobel 10P4-2NF

Chemically cured epoxy primer that provides corrosion and chemical resistance

Boeing BMS 10-11, Type I, Class A, Grade A
Bombardier BAMS 565-001, Grade A
Embraer MEP 10-059
AkzoNobel 10P4-3NF

Chemically cured epoxy primer for aircraft detail and subassembly parts

Boeing BMS 10-11, Type I, Class A, Grade A
Bombardier Qualified BAMS 565-001, Grade A
Alumigrip 10P8-11 – Industry Standard

Two component, VOC compliant smooth finish epoxy primer

Cessna CMFS025,
US Military MIL-PRF-23377, TYI CL C2
Alumigrip 4101

2 component urethane compatible, chromate-free, corrosion inhibiting primer

BAMS 565-018
Alumigrip LV 4105 10P30-5Y

Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Primer / Fuel Tank Primer with excellent Skydrol, water and chemical resistance

Cessna CMFS029, TY II
Part # OEM/Specifier Spec(s) Qualified
Alumigrip 4602

2-Component epoxy filler for several substrate types

Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 5007, TY NC1
Awlquik D8003

Quick drying epoxy primer/surfacer with medium build and easily sanded

Part # OEM/Specifier Spec(s) Qualified
AkzoNobel 20P20-3

Chemically cured high build polyurethane surfacer

American Airlines CMFS43P5-54
Cessna CMFS039
Embraer MEP 10-070
Alumigrip 10P30-8 – Industry Standard

Two-component high build epoxy surfacer formulated to provide excellent filling properties, superior hang-up, and easy sanding characteristics.

Cessna CMFS039, TY I
Raytheon 772254-1
Alumigrip 4001

High build chromate-free epoxy primer-surfacer formulated to provide corrosion inhibition

Cessna CMFS043
Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 5008
Irkut 741.140/21-00-00-0038-0T04/0B
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