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All-Spec Static Shielding Bags

ESD preys on sensitive electronics. Tuck them in safely with All-Spec.

With All-Spec's metal-in static shielding bags, you can rest assured your sensitive electronics are safe and sound. Open- and zip-top bags add four layers of protection to your components that would otherwise be susceptible to potentially fatal electrostatic discharges. Between static dissipative layers, metalized polyester and an aluminum shield create a Faraday effect against ESD. And, they're transparent, so you can still see what's inside. Sleep tight, and shop All-Spec shielding bags.

Why Metal-In?

While metal-in and metal-out bags provide similar static shielding, today's metal-in bags are generally more popular. Why? For starters, a buried shielding layer means less chance for arcing with the conductive layer. Metal-in bags are also less expensive to manufacture because the metal in metal-out bags is close to the surface. And, depending on the quality of the metal-out bag you choose, its surface may be more likely to scratch.

Static Shield vs. Anti-Static

Do you know the difference? It's as simple as inside vs. outside. Use a static shielding bag to protect what's inside. It'll protect your static-sensitive components during transport or storage. Use an anti-static bag to protect static-sensitive materials that may come in contact with the bag. Static charges are dissipated on the outside.

Open-Top Zip-Top
2x3" 10x14" 2x3" 10x12"
2x4" 10x16" 3x3" 10x14"
3x5" 10x24" 3x5" 10x18"
4x4" 10x26" 4x4" 10x24"
4x6" 10x30" 4x6" 10x30"
4x8" 11x14" 4x8" 11x14"
4x10" 11x15" 4x24" 11x15"
4x24" 12x12" 4x30" 12x12"
4x26" 12x16" 5x8" 12x16"
4x30" 12x18" 6x8" 12x18"
5x6" 12x24" 6x10" 14x18"
5x7" 12x30" 6x24" 15x18"
5x8" 14x18" 6x30" 16x20"
5x10" 14x30" 7x15" 16x24"
6x8" 15x15" 8x8" 18x18"
6x10" 15x18" 8x10" 18x24"
6x12" 16x18" 8x12" 20x24"
6x16" 16x24" 9x12" 24x24"
6x26" 16x30"
6x30" 18x18"
7x8" 18x20"
7x11" 18x24"
7x15" 20x20"
8x8" 20x24"
8x10" 20x30"
8x12" 22x24"
8x16" 24x24"
8x18" 24x30"
8x24" 24x36"
8x30" 28x32"
9x12" 30x24"
10x12" 32x36"

Now that you've got the right bag, choose the right closure.

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