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Alpha high-performance solder paste for reliable, repeatable soldering success.

There's comfort in knowing your choice of product will perform as expected, repeatedly. Alpha solder paste gives you the reliability you count on for delivering high throughput, elevated yields and reduced cost of ownership. Whether for low-temperature processing or fine feature printing, you'll find products to suit all of your PCB assembly needs.

Featured Alpha Solder Paste:

  • OM-353Alpha’s leading lead-free, no-clean solder paste
  • OM-358Specifically developed for low voiding performance
  • CVP-390Excellent all-around no-clean paste performs well
  • NEW! OM-220Ultra-low temperature solder paste

Why choose Alpha for solder paste?

  • Available in a wide range of alloy offerings, including low-Ag SACX Plus® that offers excellent soldering performance at an alloy cost approximately 30% less than SAC305
  • Offering includes leading lead-free, no-clean, halogen-free solder paste
  • Developed to provide high throughput and yield
  • Alpha's solder pastes conform to customers’ unique processes, as well as the challenging environmental regulations they are required to follow
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