Alpha Assembly Void Reduction Solutions
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Reliable solder joints are possible with
Alpha Void Reduction Solutions

Why is voiding control important?

Voiding is detrimental to solder joint reliability. It can cause solder joint defects due to decreased thermal conductivity, produce solder bridges and solder transfer, and reduce current carrying capacity of solder joints.

How to reduce voiding in solder joints

Through a proven methodology based on the variables involved in SMT assembly, Alpha's Void Reduction Solutions (VRS) combine the expertise and products that help manufacturers achieve their desired voiding levels even in the most challenging applications.

Benefits of Alpha Void Reduction Solutions

Enhanced electrical & thermal performance

Elimination of rework

Significant reduction in voiding

Higher reliability

Understand & control void generation with Alpha

Process Expertise

  • » PCB Design
  • » Reflow Profile
  • » Surface Finish
  • » Machine Parameters

Innovative Products

  • » Solder Paste
  • » Solder Preforms
  • » High-Reliability Alloys
  • » Stencil Design

Find out if Alpha's Void Reduction Solutions are suitable for you.

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