Protect surfaces with the world's most advanced hydrophobic barrier coating

AVIRAL is a high-performance hydrophobic, oleophobic and icephobic coating that works as an advanced thermal barrier for surfaces.

This single-component, ready-to-use liquid coating does not contain harsh chemicals and it can be applied to any painted or non-painted surface, providing high abrasion resistance and high thermal stability.

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Why Choose AVIRAL?

  • Resists formation of ice on surfaces
  • Strongly adheres to surfaces for longer lasting protection
  • Low viscous, colorless and does not hide the original appearance of the surface
  • Creates smooth, soft-touch surfaces
  • Dries in ambient conditions without external heat
  • Passes over 500 hours of salt spray tests for corrosion protection to metals
  • Self-cleaning properties through momentum of water droplets
  • Compatible with metals, ceramics, glass, textile, plastics and paints

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