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Effective Device Performance with Custom MedTech Wearables

Posted by Tracey Herald on 3/16/2023

Precision Converting - We are your wearables partner.

Precision Converting customers have direct access to our engineering, operations and quality teams in the earliest stages of development. We listen to your needs and incorporate the best components to meet the requirements of your device. Our materials experts not only assist in selection, but also in optimal wear times which leads to effective device performance.

With our breadth of supplier contacts, your team gains direct R&D access to the leading experts in the wearable medical device field. Together, we work with our partners to reduce the commercialization process and accelerate product launch. This along with an unparalleled quality management system assures production per specification.

Wearable devices are broken into 4 categories:

Short-term skin contact in which the wearable device attaches directly to the patient’s body. The device must bond securely and comfortably to the skin, allow the skin to breathe naturally and accommodate a variety of activity and moisture levels with a wear time of up to 7 days.

Long-term skin contact devices are similar in function to the short-term devices with the caveat of length of time on skin and the affect of long wear on the skin attachment surface. Long term wearables are attached for more than 7 days. Care must be taken to assure the skin as well as the adhesive do not degrade and continues to perform as intended.

Tie-layer components are used to bond the layers of the device together. Tie layers are typically double-coated adhesives that adhere and create multi-layer laminations. To assure material and device performance, consideration must be taken to eliminate potential compatibility issues between material layers and device inputs.

Overlay materials cover the device and act as a protective barrier against water and other environmental contaminants. Out gassing and breathability are two critical considerations when in evaluation of these materials.

Precision Converting offers expertise, experience and commitment to excellence. Precision Converting, a division of Hisco, is vertically integrated which allows you to focus on device functionality, performance and market penetration. Our unique offering of contract manufacturing along with supply chain management gives you the best value rolled up in one supplier.

Let us help you optimize outcomes in the wearables market!

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