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Value-Added Services I Hisco

Posted by Alliance Printing & Graphics on 10/31/2023

Hisco’s Value-Added Services: One Vendor, a Multitude of Services

Looking to streamline product development? With Hisco’s full line of value-added offerings, you can consolidate multiple services into a single vendor relationship, and achieve some serious time and cost savings.

We’ve carefully and deliberately built our capabilities over the years to enhance our value and save you valuable time and expense. Get your product over the finish line more quickly by bundling one or more of our services. In addition to die-cutting, we also offer durable label printing, RFID solutions, downpacking and UL compliance, and more.

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Kitting services for streamlined assembly

Our kitting services help eliminate confusion on the assembly line. We’re equipped to integrate this service into our production stream, so we can organize your finished components into labeled stacks, compartments and bundles — everything your employees need for inventory and assembly upon arrival.

  • Significantly reduces damage during shipping by securing loose and delicate components.
  • Streamlines inventory management with fewer SKUs.
  • Eliminates procedures for in-house fulfillment, and facilitates smoother, faster assembly.
  • Reduces per order shipping expenses and shortens lead times by streamlining vendors.

Durable label printing for optimal performance

Alliance Printing’s integration with Precision Converting combines two capabilities under one roof, printing and custom label materials. Not only can you print labels with long-lasting, abrasion resistant inks, but you can source regulation-approved films and adhesives and cut your labels to size.

  • Significant savings in time and expense from coordinating and shipping to multiple vendors.
  • Extensive capabilities include graphic design, materials selection with a technical review, printing, die-cutting, prototyping, kitting and packing.
  • Achieve optimal label performance. Through our experts and tapping into our strong supplier relationships, we’ll pinpoint the exact high-performance adhesives and polyester film from 3M your label demands.
Learn about our industrial printing solutions

Achieve intricate shapes and custom sizing with die-cutting

Die cutting creates some of the smallest parts for a product, but they can have a large impact on your bottom line. Adhesive backed gaskets and seals hold products together while labels display important messages about your brand and product. Die-cutting services through Precision Converting can help you achieve the efficiency and quality your project demands. When the appearance, performance and safety of your product are at stake, we take die-cutting seriously.

  • Broad spectrum of tooling and manufacturing capabilities to create gaskets and labels in virtually any size and shape. Whether the job calls for tight tolerances or irregular or intricate shapes, we’re equipped to meet your requirements.
  • Our goal is to optimize production — maximum throughput, minimal waste, optimal quality.
  • Pinpointing the right die-cutting method for the material ensures uniformly cut pieces, and keeping defective parts to a minimum. We have decades of experience in meeting and achieving these quality standards for the most demanding industries, including electronics, medical devices and aerospace.
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Expert guidance for UL compliance

Researching UL compliance for your UL mark? Information overload can bring more confusion than clarity — making it difficult to discern which requirements are applicable to your product. Steering clear of unnecessary steps and testing procedures is paramount to staying on schedule. Alliance Printing and Precision Converting not only offers two services under one roof, but our customers lean on us for expert guidance. Alliance brings decades of experience working directly with UL regulators. Precision Converting has strong supplier relationships to quickly identify and source UL-approved materials.

  • Single vendor relationship streamlines the process of constructing, printing and fabricating labels bearing the UL mark, achieving significant cost savings for your project.
  • Decades of experience with the UL process. Alliance Printing is one of the limited number of UL Authorized Label Suppliers. Our compliance with the regulatory process firsthand combined with our work on thousands of UL compliant projects provides our team with the knowledge base to guide you.
  • Trusted resource for regulatory changes. Maintain your compliance with fewer headaches. The combined resources and expertise of Alliance Printing and Precision Converting can help you identify an expedient path to maintaining compliance through the change.
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RFID Solutions: Bring your smart factory to life

Continuous improvement is achievable when you can capture accurate data about your manufacturing operations in real time. Our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and work with IoT devices to effectively track assets, work orders and inventory.

  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve processes, reduce risk, minimize product and production losses with insights from machine learning and software analysis of collected data.
  • Save cost and streamline inventory with a management system that maintains the right levels, easily identifies soon-to-expire products and improves tracking and location.
  • Improve customer relationships with more reliable delivery and higher quality powered by smart technology.
Discover more about our RFID services.

Automate your inventory with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Systems

Automate your inventory replenishment process and free up time for income-generating tasks with proven vendor inventory management systems that are RFID compatible.

Hisco’s partnerships with SupplyPro and AutoCrib give you the tools and the power to analyze, monitor, manage, measure and dispense even the tiniest components of your inventory, putting you in complete control.

  • Achieve cost savings from reduced material handling equipment usage. The average reduction ranges from 15-30%.
  • Reduce waste from costly overnight shipments, inventory carrying costs as well as expiration and spoilage.
  • Direct procurement resources to more value-added tasks
  • Improve employee accountability and inventory visibility with reports that are easy to generate and read.
Achieve control with our VMI system

Achieve smoother assembly with downpacking

Need to convert bulk adhesives, sealants and silicones into smaller packages? No problem! Our downpacking services makes product assembly a snap. We create customized glue kits that are used for in-house fulfillment as well as consumer assembly. To add a layer of value-added services, tap into our labeling and kitting services to create clear, well-labeled glue packages that take the guesswork out of assembly.

Adhesive Materials Group (AMG) is a division of Hisco, and an authorized manufacturer for many leading adhesive brands, enabling you to offer the level of quality and results your customers expect.

  • Cost-effective for small runs, including single-use products, test products and seasonal items.
  • Comprehensive services include custom-printed labels that can be die cut to fit small, irregular shapes, curved surfaces — or a combination of all three.
  • Condense workflows and expenses by accessing contract manufacturing, labeling and kitting with a single vendor.
Learn more about our downpacking services

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