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Meet the Elites: Get to know Botron ELITE ESD Test Equipment

They may not be royalty, but this family's got bragging rights.

No sibling rivalry here. Each member of Botron's Elite line of ESD test equipment is more than qualified to monitor all of your critical grounds. Test after test, you can count on a member of the Elite to predict—and prevent—any failures.

Botron OMNIGND - Monitor 8 Grounds At Once

Welcome the newest addition to the family! This little guy hits the ground running. The OMNIGND is a multi-ground, continuous monitoring automation system; monitor eight critical grounds all the time in real time. The system lets you monitor tools, capital equipment, electronic jigs and more. It never sleeps. The OMNIGND is always busy analyzing, recording and storing vital information. It also sends you vital information. Count on OMNIGND to send you port and power status email alerts and automatic emails on event for safety. With OMNIGND, there's virtually no limit to the grounding points you can verify and the rewards you can reap.

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Botron Sentinel - Monitor 2 Operators At Once

The Sentinel single-handedly dispels middle-child syndrome. He's a smooth-, dual-operator continuous monitoring system that keeps a real-time watchful eye on actual resistance and voltage. The system's large graphical display brings the real-time data to vivid, multi-colored light with onscreen digital readouts and sliding scales. This control freak boasts a three-position PLC relay terminal to control power to ionization, light towers, gated terminals and much more. Does the Sentinel live up to its Elite namesake? Two operator remote boxes and a surplus of connections scream yes!

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Botron ELITE - Test 2 Foot Grounds & Wrist Straps

Have you met the grown-up firstborn? You may know the Elite ESD Tester by his dynamic personality. With the Elite's testing dynamics, you can test two foot grounds independently as well as dual cord wrist straps. Create individual user test profiles with customizable test limits, and set the parameters directly on the unit with the Elite's programmable key pad. The Elite's employee-ID entry allows tracking of individual user data. And, he's fast. The system's solid state test surface has no moving parts, so your results display in seconds without fear of switches breaking or deteriorating over time. Bright, LED pass/fail indicators are intuitive and easy-to-see. The Elite is a clear contender.

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