Brady Printer i7100 Industrial Label Printer header image showing a photo of the interior of the i7100.

BradyPrinter i7100. PCB & wire labeling that's proven under pressure.

The modern production environment is high-volume, high-speed and heavy-duty — but it's no sweat for a heavy-hitter like the new Brady i7100. Specially developed to improve upon the Brady PR-Plus, the i7100 features a sturdy, rugged and reliable design that's engineered for accuracy. Powerful and precise, with a host of game-changing new features, the Brady i7100 is in a league all its own.

Key Features PR-Plus i7100
Touch Screen No New, ultra-intuitive color touchscreen supports effortless printer setting management and enables access to on-board training videos.
Media Alignment Left-side alignment Center alignment enhances print accuracy and diminishes ribbon wrinkling.
Material Loading Metal, non-folding cover Bi-folding, impact-resistant cover reduces system footprint; anti-static brush is standard on non-peel BradyPrinter i7100.
Print Head Wear Standard Reduced wear thanks to a hardened, sharp-edge print head and swappable narrow platen rollers.

Better-Than-Ever Benefits

  • Select from a wider range of printing materials than ever before, from basic labels to heat-shrink sleeves and thick cable tags.
  • Print labels as small as 0.125 inches with ultra-sharp accuracy and center alignment.
  • This overachiever features a high-speed processor and durable design to accommodate daily printing demands by the thousand.
  • User-based design with intuitive touch screen supports effortless setting adjustment, while bright green touchpoints simplify material loading requirements.
  • Get the job done in no time, with print speeds of up to 11.8 inches per second, and labels that are automatically peeled from the liner.

Revolutionize PCB & Wire ID with Brady.

Flexible, reliable and easy-to-use, discover what the Brady i7100 can do for your high-volume, high-precision applications. Complete the form below to request a personal demo.

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