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  • Brady Wraptor A6500 Wire Marking System

Easy to use

Increased productivity

Easy to connect

The Brady Wraptor A6500 makes wire marking fast and simple

The Brady Wraptor A6500 reduces/eliminates manual processes by wrapping printed self-laminates around a wire in seconds. It can operate 24/7 to print and apply over 7,000 self-laminating labels per day.

How it works

Load the Wraptor with ribbon and self-laminating labels

Open a label file

Insert your wire for label application

Why try the Wraptor?

  • Prints and applies labels to wires in less than five seconds
  • Handles cables with diameters up to 0.6" or as small as 0.06" or 1.52mm to 15.24mm
  • Ideal for a variety of wire and cable identification and marking applications
  • Enhanced connectivity with three USB ports and 32GB of internal memory
  • Less manual labor and waste
  • Increased productivity

Hisco can help you turn manual wire labeling into an efficient automated process with the Brady Wraptor A6500.

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