Get more benefits with less environmental impact with Chemtronics/Techspray bulk cleaners

Switching to cleaners and industrial chemical supplies in bulk for your business offer numerous benefits in cost-saving and availability, including price discounts, time-saving, budget and inventory planning, and more.

So if you're using a vapor degreaser and want to move away from aerosol and hazardous chemistries like nPB or are struggling with hard-to-find chemistries, Chemtronics/Techspray bulk cleaners are for you.

Why switch to Chemtronics/Techspray bulk cleaners?

Buying in bulk allows you to get wholesale prices, which reduces operational costs

It saves time

You are always prepared to handle any cleaning emergencies

It helps with inventory management and budgeting

Chemtronics and Techspray cleaners are safer for the environment - do not contain TCE, nPB or Perc

Competitive Products Cross Reference

Techspray 3400 & Chemtronics Electro-Wash Tri-V

  • CRC Lectra-Clean 3000 Electronic Parts Cleaner
  • CRC Lectra-Motive Electronic Parts Cleaner
  • CRC Contact Cleaner 2000
  • LPS Instant Super Degreaser
  • LPS HDX Heavy-Duty Degreaser
  • Sprayon EL2846 Non-Chlorinated Electronic Degreaser
  • Sprayon EL848 Flash Free Electronic Degreaser
  • Microcare MCC-HDD Heavy-Duty Parts Degreaser
  • Microcare M2S Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid and Degreaser
  • Microcare Vertrel MCA Plus Specialty Fluid
  • Microcare Vertrel SDG Specialty Fluid
  • Microcare SFR Specialty Fluid
  • Microcare Vertrel XF Specialty Fluid
  • Miller-Stehpenson Opteon SF-79 Vapor Degreaser Fluid
  • Miller-Stephenson Opteon SF Specialty Cleaning Fluid A

Techspray 2996 & Chemtronics 12820

  • Microcare MCC-MCAGG Vertel MCA Specialty Fluid

Techspray 3401 & Chemtronics Electo-Wash Tri-V

  • Microcare Vertrel SMT Specialty Fluid

Enhanced performance and sustainability starts with Chemtronics/Techspray bulk cleaners.

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