Cored Solder Wire for Luminaire Soldering (Part 1)

This article is based on an original white paper by Alpha Assembly Solutions.

Many LED lighting applications require joints soldered with cored wire, and therefore the LED industry faces a uniquely high demand for the materials employed during this type of assembly. Typically used to attach the LED engine array board and power driver board, connections made with cored solder wire spools are used in linear lighting applications to provide a board-to-board connection. For A-lamps, these cored wire spools are used to supply an electrical gateway by attaching the endcap of the Edison base.

Next to functionality, aesthetics and design are uncommonly critical to LED assembly, as solder joints are often visible in a range of lighting options incorporating the Edison base. Therefore, end caps are usually cleaned post-assembly to ensure a solder joint that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

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