Kitting and Assembly Services

Put the Business of Kitting in Our Hands

If you’re kitting in-house, you may be dedicating valuable resources that would be better used to increase your core operations. Hisco now offers full-scale, custom kitting services.

In-house fulfillment setups often:

  • Pluck extra money, time and energy from your central business
  • Pull workers away from important duties
  • Cause major headaches, hassles and complications

Why kit with Hisco?

Unlike other kitting companies, Hisco already knows your business — and kitting is a natural extension of our successful distribution, shipping and warehousing capabilities.

A winning combination

With Hisco, you can count on all-in-one pricing at our lowest possible cost; perfectly timed delivery; and customer service including a dedicated sales representative and resident kitting expert.

Putting your kitting operation in our hands could save you a bundle. Request a demo.

Consider this:

When We Kit

Hands-on setup and continuous oversight of processes and procedures — save time and money, decrease labor costs, increase profits and productivity

Instant, reliable manpower availability; continual access to a trusted, trained and reliable kitting crew

Rely on Hisco’s extensive shipping knowledge and experience to negotiate and secure lowest cost shipping prices

Eliminate multiple SKUs with conversion to one SKU and one vendor; free up valuable storage space using Hisco’s storage warehouses in the U.S., Mexico and Canada

When You Kit

Continually committing valuable time to organizing kitting logistics takes away manpower, time and money from your core operations

Anxiety about securing untrained or low-performing kitting personnel, accidental kitting foul-ups, shortage of on-demand labor

Deal constantly with shipment problems, shipping price uncertainties or less-than-best shipping rates

Continually juggling multiple SKUs and vendors; allocating valuable storage space, adjusting stock, finding space for stock