Pass the ESD walking test with anti-static solutions from DESCO ESD.

You go your own way. Literally. Everybody has a different body capacitance or the ability to store an electrical charge. So, every body yields a different body voltage. Small person with small feet? Big person with big feet? The results are staggering even when both people wear the same type of shoe on the same floor. You could take an average or peak voltage to qualify your flooring/footwear combination, but it doesn't add up.

To be in compliance with ANSI/ESD STM97.2, also known as the “Walking Test,” you must maintain a walking voltage generation of less than 100 volts. Comply with ANSI/ESD STM97.1, and your ESD footwear must maintain a consistent point-to-groundable-point resistance of less than 1.0 x 109 ohms. Shocking, right?

Don't worry. DESCO Industries knows a thing or two about operator charge generation. For nearly four decades, DESCO's been delivering the neutralizing products—and systems—that meet your personal, component and workstation safety needs. Now Hisco is partnering with DESCO to help you qualify all combinations of flooring and footwear used for ESD control.

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