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Our Documented Cost Savings Program Has Saved Customers Nearly $200 Million

Hisco's Documented Cost Savings Program is a straightforward method to save our customers money, thus increasing your bottom line. Our DCS program works because we tailor it to your needs. Our engineers will visit your facilities to understand your specific challenges and recommend process modifications, stocking changes or product swaps. To put it simply, Hisco figures out the "how" to cut costs for you.

Since 2002, we've helped customers like you achieve nearly $200 million in cost avoidances and savings through process, design and supply chain improvements alone. We don't just create value; we document it. We'll supply you with a cost reduction form for your authorization to illustrate both direct and indirect benefits of each cost savings event.

Successful Projects, Substantial Savings

Downtime Prevention

The Problem: Due to an inventory management error, the customer's material supply was depleted on a Friday evening. The company faced production downtime both Saturday and Sunday, for a loss of three shifts on each day.

The Solution: With the required material in stock, Hisco delivered it early Saturday morning to avoid production shutdown.

Savings: $288,000

Inventory Management Overhaul

The Problem: Bogged down with excessive inventory holding costs and shipment/freight expenses, the customer was desperate for an inventory management overhaul.

The Solution: Hisco stepped in to improve the company's processes. Through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Hisco was able to ensure substantial savings in many facets of the business including rebates, PO reductions, and reduced inventory holding costs and freight/shipping expenses.

Savings: $264,250

Cost-Effective Material Upgrades

The Problem: The customer was planning to alter the production process, moving the manufacture of a subcomponent in-house.

The Solution: Hisco worked with the customer on design and materials specifications, suggesting new materials which were more efficient and cost-effective than the original.

Savings: $187,407

Services designed to drive down cost and support Industry 4.0

Custom-converted, precision parts manufactured using the industry's most advanced flexible materials, engineered to solve production challenges for companies throughout North America.

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Authorized repacking partner for epoxies, adhesives, silicones, acrylics, resins, greases and other specialty materials form leading suppliers like 3M, LOCTITE, AkzoNobel and more.

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Powered by Xemelgo, Hisco's suite of RFID solutions enables accurate, real-time visibility of your manufacturing operations, assets and materials to deliver "smart factory" solutions for industry 4.0.

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Durable label and industrial printing solutions from Aliance accompany a combined offering of digital storefronts, inventory management, mailing operations and fulfillment.

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Discover the Benefits of Hisco Documented Cost Savings.

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