Based on an original publication by ASG - Electronic Screwdriver Maintenance Manual

Hi Maintenance, Goodbye Electric Screwdriver Problems

As we all know, taking good care of your tools pays off in the end and it’s one time when high maintenance is a good thing. There’s not a whole lot that has to be done with an electric screwdriver, however by just giving a bit of attention to your hardworking tool on a regular basis you can really extend the life.

In general, maintenance should begin after about 1000 hours of using your new screwdriver. It’s a good idea to adhere to a schedule so you’ll get in the habit. If you figure 21 working days per month, you’ll do a couple of things every six months. You can account for double and triple shifts as well. Once you begin the cycle you’ll be able to better determine how much maintenance will be necessary and beef it up or pare it down from there.



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