Defy environmental challenges and aggressive conditions with Elkem silicone gaskets and adhesives

Silicones are widely used for assembly of electronic enclosures as liquids or pre-cut gaskets. Liquid silicones are supplied as 1-part or 2-part RTVs, which can be cured-in-place or formed-in-place. The difference is that cured-in-place gaskets are applied only to one surface and mechanically assembled after the adhesive has cured. Alternatively, FiPG are assembled before curing takes place. Consequently, CiPG are more conducive to lid removal and FiPG to same-day assembly. Elkem offers a wide range of foams, elastomers and adhesives to accommodate your design requirements.

Award-winning Elkem silicone gasketing solutions

CAF 24MF provides gasketing options for battery pack enclosures

CAF 24MF is a 1-part, oxime-RTV silicone sealant with relatively fast room temperature adhesion to a variety of enclosures such as e-cots, powder coatings, and composites. CAF 24MF is "MEKO-Free" and can be used as either a cure-in-place or form-in-place gasket design, whereas alternative oxime cure silicones contain Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO), which is a chemical of concern in certain regions of the world. Consequently, CAF 24MF is a good candidate for the worldwide launch of platforms.

BLUESIL RT FOAM 3242 delivers a flexible seal tailored to EV applications

Engineered to easily cure at room temperature, once mixed, BLUESIL RT FOAM 3242 forms a nontoxic and odorless gas which generates cell expansion. Curing occurs simultaneously to produce a flexible, elastomeric foam within just minutes. The foam can be dispensed onto a flat surface, or applied to virtually and size or shape of cavity.

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