Ergonomics and Magnification

This information is based on an original publication by Luxo.

Given the current industry focus on health and safety in the workplace, understanding the role of magnification instruments and their influence on conditions is more important than ever.

Many related issues are resolved through ergonomic workstations and seating with adjustable heights, proper lumbar support, and specially designed footrests. However, tasks entailing the use of a magnifier can defeat these attempts, as they often require the operator to remain in a “hunched over” position to block reflections and overhead lighting from the lens.

Luxo's Anti-Reflective coating featured on WAVE+Plus Magnifiers offers a solution to the problem, as it effectively eliminates glare caused by overhead lighting. This allows the operator to maintain proper ergonomic posture without the risk of back or neck muscle fatigue and eyestrain. Benefits of this unique coating include productivity gains, improved quality, reduced stress and fatigue, and less rework.


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