Non-harmful to humans
or the environment


Can be used as adhesion promoter,
under-coat, top-coat and clear-coat
sealant layer


Can be top-coated and pigmented
to desired color

Protect surfaces from aggressive environmental conditions with FLORYL anti-corrosion coating

Sustainable, multi-functional and customizable, FLORYL is a bioceramic nanocoating technology that protects surfaces from harsh environmental conditions including toxins and corrosion.

This thin, transparent bioceramic composition comprises in situ generated nanoparticles that form a permanent bond to substrates, providing multi-functional characteristics to the treated surfaces.

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FLORYL Application Areas

  • Anti-corrosion agent
  • Anti-fingerprint agent
  • Developing hydrophobic & anti-fouling characteristics
  • Scratch resistant
  • Restoration agent

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