One Dual Port Station with Lots of Options

Two thumbs up for the versatile FX-889, the new, user-friendlier, dual port soldering station only from Hakko. It may be a lightweight, but it packs a powerful punch—two to be exact. Each port is like an independent soldering station with full power output. While it still boasts five user programmable presets per port, digital calibration and more, its biggest claim to fame is the five compatible handpieces that do more than double time. Includes the FX-8801 handpiece and dual iron holder.


High Power Desoldering Station with Tools of the Trade

Bridge the power gap with Hakko’s new, 140-watt desoldering station. The FR-410 ensures the right amount of power when you need it—and how you need it. With the widest selection of nozzle configurations to date, the FR-410 has a way of relieving the pressure on your joint as it relieves the pressure on your bottom line. Fill the void with the upgrade that still clings to Hakko’s popular anti-clogging feature. Includes an independent nozzle and basic maintenance kit.


See the Difference with the SMD Hot Air Rework Station

Look to the rework station with the window of opportunity. With a special, visual indicator for reflow built into the handpiece, the FR-810B lets you see firsthand when it’s safe to lift it. This hot model turns heads and turns the top-end temperature up to 1120°F. While the new N51 series, quick-change nozzles are perfectly suited for the FR-810B, keep your old tried-and-true nozzles—they’re compatible, too. Steal a glance at its compact, lightweight package, and you’ll see it’s designed for performance.


Simply Advanced SMD Hot Air Rework System with Vacuum Pickup

Simplify rework and reflow with Hakko's advanced hot air rework station for components galore. Integrate the system into your everyday job; the FR-811 integrates with a PC using included Hakko software. An additional, external USB port lets you store as many as 50 profiles! Integrate with a bottom heater, board fixture and vision system, and the FR-811 gets to the bottom of bottom terminated components. Includes vacuum pickup with visual indicator in the handpiece.


It's the Total Package: Complete SMD Rework System

Transforming the advanced system into the complete one is as simple as 1-2-3. The complete system includes the bottom heater, board fixture and vision system, so even small and difficult components get the treatment they deserve. Stability? Accuracy? Definitely! Increased functionality is fine-tuned with Hakko’s “one-touch” slide adjustment and a must-have microscope camera for a visual alignment that seals the package deal.

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