Henkel logo on top of a photo of an airplane in a warehouse with one of the engines under maintenance.

Very compressive. Henkel aerospace adhesives engineer really high performance.

Thanks, LOCTITE, for the name-brand expert of liquid shim and aircraft adhesives OEMs rely on for all things fast-curing and long-lasting. Enable better bonding with the broad portfolio that encompasses everything from core fill and abradable to potting, primers and pastes. Structural integrity without added weight? Impressive. For a standing ovation, why not innovate with improved efficiencies? LOCTITE redefines rigid adhesives with flexible solutions that go above and beyond — solutions that help your customers defy gravity.

Aerospace Structural Adhesive Applications

  • Composite Bonding, Repair and Surface Prep
  • Metal & Honeycomb Bonding and Repair
  • Core Fill and Abradable
  • Paste Adhesives
  • Film Adhesives
  • Potting
  • Fire Retardants
  • Primer
  • Laminate and Wet Lay-Up Resins
  • Surfacing and Lightning Strike Protection
  • Liquid Shims

Bond, seal and soar with our bestselling structural adhesives.

  • EA 9628 Aero
  • EA 9696 Aero
  • EA 7000 Aero
  • EA 9628 Aero
  • EA 9896 Aero
  • EA 9845 Aero
  • EA 9845LC Aero
  • EA 9845LA Aero
  • EF 9823.1 Aero
  • EF 9898 Aero
  • EF 560 Aero
  • EA 2000 Aero
  • EA 9360 Aero
  • EA 956 Aero
  • EA 9399 Aero
  • EA 9394 Aero
  • EA 9309NA Aero
  • EA 9360 Aero
  • Frekote PMC Cleaner
  • Frekote 915WB Cleaner
  • Frekote B15 Sealer

We'll Soar Farther, Together.

Move Forward with North America's Largest Network of AS9120 Locations

  • Warehouse proximity - Hisco maintains North America's largest network of AS9120 certified locations, as well as the largest footprint of any North American distributor. We can ship aerospace products fast to keep your lines up.
  • Supply chain savings - Hisco is an authorized distributor of key industry suppliers including Henkel, 3M, AkzoNobel, Wacker, Lord and hundreds more. Our supply chain system is designed to increase efficiency and maximize your savings.
  • Quality compliance - With North America's largest network of AS9120 locations, our associates receive continuous training and education surrounding current policies and regulations to ensure constant quality compliance.
  • Process improvement - Support green initiatives and lessen your waste stream with process improvements designed to reduce materials and fuel usage for higher capacity and overall savings.

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Redefine aircraft efficiency with LOCTITE. Hisco can help.

BMS Spec Approvals

  • BMA 5-101
  • BMS 5-129
  • BMS 5-28
  • BMS 5-154
  • BMS 8-338
  • GMS 4302
  • MEP 09-063