Drive performance and design forward with Henkel

Through game-changing technology and innovation, Henkel will help you optimize the efficiency of your production process, as well as overall life cycle costs.

Cost Efficiency

New materials offer increased ability for more efficient production processes that improve quality and reduce waste


Henkel products enable the manufacturing of reliable, alternate-energy powertrains and maintenance-friendly electrical components and assemblies


Henkel enables lightweighting manufacturing processes through innovative adhesives, sealants, lubricants and cleaners compatible with lightweight materials

Manufacturing Processes

Henkel offers innovative and sustainable cutting, cleaning, bonding, coating and sealing solutions that enable more efficient production processes with improved quality

Safety and Comfort

Through collaboration on design and value-added support, Henkel helps manufacturers achieve occupant safety and comfort requirements


Henkel's innovative and renewable solutions enable customers to be sustainable and reduce costs

Hisco can help you find the best Henkel adhesives and sealants for your application. Let us help!

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