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Improve thermal management and grounding with Henkel film adhesives

Electronic assemblies become more functional, powerful and integrated each day. And with varying device configurations and shrinking sizes of assemblies, accurate thermal management and reliable grounding are more crucial than ever.

Henkel's assembly films are pioneers in enabling customers to design products with controlled adhesive bonding lines with best-in-class electrical, thermal and mechanical performance.

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Features of Henkel film adhesives

high electrical image

High electrical, thermal and mechanical performance

high adhesion image

High adhesion strength at elevated temperatures

low-temp cure image

Low-temperature cure

adhesion with flexibility image

Adhesion with flexibility

Value of film adhesive vs paste

  • Cleaner solution
  • Excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties
  • No waste
  • Easier to process for larger areas or complex surfaces
  • Cures at lower temperature than solder (ideal for temperature-sensitive components)
  • Provides a lower stress interface
  • Lower total assembly costs
  • Custom-cut preforms
  • Complex patterns
  • Compatible with large applications


Electrically Conductive &
Thermally Conductive

  • Loctite Ablestik CF3350
  • Loctite Ablestik 5025E
  • Loctite Ablestik CF3366
  • Loctite Ablestik CF3352
  • Loctite Ablestik ECF561E
  • Loctite Ablestik ECF563
  • Loctite Ablestik ECF564A
  • Loctite Ablestik ECF564AHF

Electrically Insulating &
Thermally Conductive

  • Loctite Ablestik 550K
  • Loctite Ablestik 561K
  • Loctite Ablestik 563K
  • Loctite Ablestik 5020K

Electrically & Thermally
Insulating (unfilled)

  • Loctite Ablestik 550
  • Loctite Ablestik 566Kapton





Product certifications

NASA Outgassing

MIL Std 883 Method 5011

Switch to a simplified, sustainable and cost effective bonding process with Henkel film adhesives.
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