Streamline medical manufacturing and assembly processes with Henkel medical device adhesives

Henkel’s highly reliable adhesive materials are designed to enable safe medical device applications with the specific process and biocompatibility testing requirements for each type of device.

Loctite products facilitate the design and manufacture of leading-edge medical devices that deliver better patient care, streamline diagnostics and improve patient outcomes.

Devices include:

Hospital monitors
Glucose management
Health patches & wearable electronics
Oxygenators & dialyzers
Fluid bags & tube sets
Needles & syringes
Other medical assembly
Benefits of Loctite Products

Structural bonds

Ability to bond dissimilar and difficult substrates

Increased throughput

Rapid fixture and overall cure times

Excellent gap-filling capability

Even stress distribution

Compatible with common sterilization methods such as ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, electron beam, liquid sterilization and limited cycles of autoclave and peroxide plasma

Light-cure acrylics and cyanoacrylates
Light-cure silicones
Conformal coating
Thermal management material
Low-pressure molding
LOCTITE medical adhesives are tested to the industry’s most comprehensive ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards including:
  • Intracutaneous injection
  • Systemic injection
  • Muscle implantation
  • Cytotoxicity (MEM elution)
  • Hemolysis
LOCTITE medical adhesives are not recommended for long term or permanent implanted devices in the body or mouth.


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