Loctite 3D Printers and Resins

The promise of 3D. Brought to life by LOCTITE®.

LOCTITE brings new substance to the promise of 3D printing with their new, industrial-grade 3D printer and a complete range of differential manufacturing resins. Designed for truly functional prototyping and speedy, multi-component production, LOCTITE's portfolio of resins and equipment turns your 3D vision into reality.

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Why choose LOCTITE for 3D printing?

  • Performance & reliability
  • Material options for a range of industrial applications
  • Ability to customize materials
  • End-to-end solution portfolio

New LOCTITE additive manufacturing resins
take 3D to the next dimension.


LOCTITE 3D Ultra Clear 3820
Delivers maximum optical clarity and high print resolution.


LOCTITE 3D General Purpose 3830
Rigid output with exceptional accuracy for general prototyping.


LOCTITE 3D Flexible 3840
Designed for snap-fit components and increased flexibility.


LOCTITE 3D High Temp 3860
Characterized by high HDT and good print resolution.


LOCTITE 3D High Impact 3870
Engineered to increase durability under impact extremes.


LOCTITE 3D Elastomeric 5010/5015
High-performance and UV-cured silicone.

Redefine your expectations with LOCTITE 3D printing solutions.

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