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Lock in a lasting bond — instantly — with Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives

Complex mixing requirements and lengthy cure times can try your patience and delay production goals. Make an instant connection with cyanoacrylate adhesives from Loctite — the industry's most versatile offering of instant adhesives, engineered to speed up assembly and provide the solution to a lasting bond. Developed to easily cure at room temperature, Loctite instant adhesives eliminate mixing issues and create a fast, reliable bond for a range of difficult-to-bond substrates.

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Why Loctite Instant Adhesives?

  • Multipurpose, versatile and easy-to-use
  • Single-component formula eliminates mixing difficulties
  • Room-temperature cure achieved without heat or light energy
  • High-strength bonding for plastics, metals, rubbers, wood and more

Challenging Environments

Expect better performance for demanding environments with instant adhesives engineered for optimal resilience and increased strength.

High Toughness

Stand up to impact, vibration and peel forces with cyanoacrylates formulated to deliver superior side-impact resistance and peel strength.

High Strength/Rubber Bonding

Effortlessly join rubber substrates with instant adhesives designed to form intensely strong bonds, with fixture in five seconds or less.

Surface Primers

Boost adhesion and promote a strong bond to across multiple substrates with specially formulated surface primers designed for use with Loctite instant adhesives.

Demanding Applications

Highly specialized and exceptionally versatile, Loctite instant adhesives are in always high demand for your most challenging applications.

Low Odor, Low Bloom

Frosty films and noxious odors are problems of the past with cyanoacrylate adhesives formulated to reduce blooming and minimize odors — even in confined environments.


Maintain elasticity at the bond line for joint flexibility with instant adhesives designed for use across a range of substrates.

Gap Filling

Ensure a consistent cure regardless of the elements with this ultra-fast gel adhesive, engineered for use with a host of metals, plastics, rubbers and porous surfaces.

High Speed Assembly

Rapid assembly environments demand truly instant adhesive solutions and surface-insensitive formulas — adhering to most substrates with a fixture time of 15 seconds or less.

Premium, Surface Insensitive

Speed meets strength and temperature resilience with special formulas designed for optimal bonding across the widest array of surfaces — even dry/acidic substrates.


Dual-curing instant adhesives work first to cure through light energy, followed by surface moisture for tacking in as little as two seconds with full cure in 24 hours.


Make an instant bond even speedier with Loctite accelerators, formulated to further reduce times for cure and fixture.