Photo of magnet coils from an electric motor. A Loctite logo is in the upper left.

Achieve maximum reliability and profitable production with LOCTITE magnet bonding adhesives

Magnets are omnipresent, and so is magnet bonding. As a result, magnet bonding is used in many industries, including electrical machinery, power tools, the automotive sector, audio and video equipment, household appliances, and other fields.

The production of e-motors is a booming industry in which magnet bonding plays a vital role, especially in driving efficiency. And, manufacturers of electric motors face demanding market requirements for increased durability, lower manufacturing costs, and higher motor efficiency.

With the LOCTITE magnet bonding guide and magnet bonding solutions available through Hisco, you get the expertise and maximum reliability to achieve profitable production.

Benefits of magnet bonding adhesives from LOCTITE

Photo of magnetic assembly in an electric motor.
  • Minimization of gaps between magnets, improving corrosion resistance, and maximizing motor reliability
  • Maintenance of the insulation between the laminates and improvement of the power
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Prevention of air and fluid leaks
  • Simplification of processes
  • Automation made easy

How does LOCTITE magnet bonding work?

LOCTITE magnet bonding adhesives fill the tiniest gaps to fix the magnet securely in position through a durable, high-strength bond.

What do LOCTITE magnet bonding adhesives offer?

  • Manufacturing automation
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • High impact & heat resistance
  • Increase reliability of assemblies
  • Versatile product offering

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