Low Temperature Soldering Using Sn-Bi Alloys

Based on an original Alpha Assembly Solutions article by: Morgana Ribas, Ph.D.; Anil Kuma; Divya Kosuri; Raghu R. Rangaraju; Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D.; Suresh Telu, Ph.D.; Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.

A modern essential for temperature-sensitive component assembly, low-temperature solder alloys are formulated to minimize thermal stresses, warping and defects. Alloys of this nature require a solder reflow temperature between 170 and 200°C and, as such, allow for the use of more economical substrates.

While Sn-Bi alloys offer low melting temperatures, there are performance limitations in terms of compatibility with electronic devices. This report explores the use of non-eutectic Sn-Bi alloys to minimize these limitations and improve alignment with electronics manufacturing requirements.


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