Made in America

In the next few months Hisco will present a three-part series, “Made in America,” examining some of the most important shifts and emerging trends in modern manufacturing.

In Part 1—Made in America, It’s Complicated we’ll take a closer look at what it takes to label your product “Made in America.” In Part 2—Made in America, Reshoring, we’ll explore why there’s hope on the horizon for the return of manufacturing to America. And, in Part 3—Made in America, Where’s the Workforce, we’ll examine what might happen if American-made and reshoring take further hold. Will we have the skilled labor needed to fill the new jobs?

Part 1 Made in America, It's Complicated

Depending on which survey you read, there seems to be no definitive answer to questions like - does the American public really care where a product gets manufactured or assembled; and how much does the American-made claim impact the bottom line?


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