Take surface protection to the next level with Protex Mask-Off latex masking tapes

Protective films, papers and specialty coatings from Mask-Off provide superior surface protection and abrasion resistance for the aerospace industry. Mask-Off’s Protex products offer the highest-quality pressure-sensitive masking tapes to help you prevent costly damage associated with heavy industrial environments.

Why choose Protex?

100% recyclable & Ph-neutral

Bleach- & Formaldehyde-free

High tensile strength

Longer rolls & less downtime

Lower basic weight

Reduced overall cost

Adhesive options for Protex masking

Natural Latex

Soft & Rubbery

For glass, metal, industrial & high-traffic surfaces.

Acrylic Latex

Harder, Less Compression

For coated, treated glass, acrylic & polished metal surfaces.


High Tack, Higher Transfer

For moisture barrier, protective & higher adhesion applications.

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Ensure the protection you need for your surface applications.

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