Free Soldering System with Fume Extractor Purchase - Free and Clear Promo Ends June 30th

Let's clear the air. You need a system that works as hard as you do.

Some people talk green until they're blue in the face. Save your breath! The Metcal, two-operator fume extractor speaks for itself. When it comes to heavy-duty applications, its heavy-duty HEPA filter won't clog, so you can work hard and breathe easy.

Now, until June 30, buy a BVX-201-KIT1 fume extraction system and choose one of three MFR-1100 soldering and rework systems free. It's a value up to $368!

  • Two-station design extracts fumes, particles and vapors
  • Main filter is 99.97% HEPA efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Back-up, activated carbon filter removes additional gases
  • Use next to or underneath benchtop
  • Includes set of two, 30" BVX-ARM-K1 with 6' hose
  • Quiet operation

To place your order, simply call or email us, and let us know which of three MFR-1100 systems below you would like free. We will process your order immediately and arrange your best shipping solution. Be sure to mention promo code P2-BVX when ordering.

Phone: (800) 537-0351
Email: [email protected]

Please note, this exclusive offer cannot be redeemed online.

Choose one of these free!


Single Output Cartridge
Soldering System


Single Output Tip Style
Soldering System


Single Output SSC Style
Cartridge Soldering System

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