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Advanced Silicone Solutions to Reach the Next Frontier

From deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space, only one company is equipped to turn the science of silicones into solutions that are truly out of this world. Available in North America exclusively through Hisco, NuSil is the global leader in space-grade silicones. With products that reset the standard for the aerospace, defense and electronics industries, NuSil has logged more than 30 years of success developing products for the most extreme environmental conditions.

From custom solutions to innovative, mass-market offerings, NuSil silicones are engineered to perform in earthbound applications and beyond – including the unforgiving conditions of outer space, where they've traveled more than 100,000,000 miles. That's a lot of frequent flyer points! And, with their proprietary equipment and systematic NQS quality assurance program, NuSil has only just begun.

With NuSil, the next generation is now. Venture beyond the expected, and discover the future of silicone technology.

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