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Get back to basics with industrial workstations that are anything but.

Support your operators and the job at hand. An ergonomic workbench from Production Basics gives you the upper hand—with manufacturing solutions that fit like a glove.

Assembly workstations. Packaging workstations. Shipping workstations. However you work, Production Basics has the station that makes it easier and faster. Manufacture productivity and efficiency—not to mention comfort—with adjustable work tables, carts and accessories.

A leader in versatile and innovative workstations, Production Basics has been helping businesses meet exacting specifications since 1995. All products are fabricated from raw materials with the pride of an artisan. Material handling twists? Manufacturing turns? Face them all head-on with a little help from one artisan to another.

Maximize your space at a minimum price. Choose Hisco as your preferred Production Basics supplier.

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