Protektive Pak Logo - New ESD Control Solutions, Generate 10% Savings - Promo Ends September 30th

It's ok to get charged up just this once.

With Protektive Pak's new solutions for static-safe storage, transporting and handling, you don't need to contain your enthusiasm. And now through June 30 save 10%. Hooray!

If you're passionate about preserving your static-sensitive assemblies and devices, let Protektive Pak equip your facility with state-of-the-art technologies designed for ESD protection that lasts. Its dissipative, impregnated corrugated material boasts a buried shielding layer that holds its ESD properties. It won't scratch or rub off like those painted materials.

Think outside the box with a new selection of superior shielding solutions only from Protektive Pak. You'll be on cloud nine—uh, make that 10.


  • Dissipative turntable
  • Galvanized steel underside
  • Ideal for assembly of heavy items in protected areas
  • Use on grounded or ungrounded surfaces
  • Rotates for easy access of assemblies
  • Available in two sizes (1212" and 1512")
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Tool Carrier

  • Dissipative carrier for tools and accessories
  • Open design for quick access
  • Six, multi-use compartments
  • Made of durable, impregnated corrugated material
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Reel Holders

  • Space-saving design for storing reels
  • Made from extruded, high-impact polypropylene
  • Extra-strong, steel wire frame
  • Chemical and moisture resistant
  • Available in two sizes (7" and 13")
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Drum Liners

  • Velostat drum liner
  • Ideal for use in protected areas
  • For large trash bins
  • Available in two sizes (18 x 24" and 38 x 58")
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Round Containers

  • Round, Velostat containers
  • For static-safe storage, kitting, and in-process handling & transporting
  • Black, injection molded
  • Available in three sizes (238" x 78"; 11316" x 4"; 31316" x 41116")
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Hinged Containers

  • Conductive Velostat containers
  • For static-safe storage, kitting and in-process handling
  • Black, injection molded
  • Molded pin hinge for better security and reliability
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