Putting Your Components to the ESD Test

Testing Sensitivity

Testing the sensitivity of components to ESD (electrostatic discharge) can be done in a couple of different ways. Either way, you’re determining what it takes to make a device fail when subjected to an electrostatic discharge (ESD). The two primary models for ESD testing include the Human Body Model (HBM) and Charged Device Model (CDM).

The models can simulate events; though they can’t completely mimic the entire range of potential ESD incidents. These two tests, HBM and CDM have proven to be successful at reproducing more than 99% of ESD field failure signatures. Through these tests industries can -

  • Create and quantify suitable on-chip protection
  • Make comparisons between devices
  • Form a classification system for ESD sensitivity to help ESD design and monitoring requirements of manufacturing and assembly settings
  • Access documented test procedures to substantiate reliable and repeatable results



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