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At Hisco, we prefer a holistic approach to RFID support services and solutions, thoroughly assessing each environment and data collection point to provide insightful recommendations through our unique RFID Site Survey Assessment. This survey is designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements to deploy a successful RFID installation. Learn more about Hisco RFID solutions for Industry 4.0

Site Survey Includes:

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  • Determine client objectives in best-use case implementation.
  • Identify RFID coverage points.
  • Gather data and tangible assets to be recognized and tracked via RFID.
  • Discover asset movement and dwell times in read zones.
  • Determine height and width measurements for reader and antenna selection.
  • Finalize floor plans and layouts determining hardware options.
  • Ascertain network and cabling requirements.
  • Recognize potential interference threats.
  • Determine regulatory restrictions.
  • Determine the following for installation/connection:
    • Operating network
    • Network configuration
    • Door type (if door mounted)
    • Ceiling mount type (if ceiling mounted)
    • Server information
    • Power requirements

Deliverables Include:

  • Markups on blueprints (if provided by client).
  • Detailed analysis of overall project.
  • Photos of site and optimal installation areas.
  • Discovery phase including unanswered questions, location details and additional notes on each read zone, in addition to:
    • Distance to IDF (if applicable).
    • Units to cover area.
    • Read range required.
    • Product recommendation for specific location.
    • Mounting required for location.
    • Antenna requirements.
    • Results of electromagnetic noise testing.
    • Shielding requirements (if applicable).
    • Read zone type (i.e. doorway).
    • Any applicable notes of issues for specific location.
people with blueprints

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Hisco's partnership with Xemelgo, alongside our network of select 3rd party hardware and tag partners, enables us to provide complete end-to-end solutions to help you bring your “Smart Factory” to life.

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