New SCS Static Shielding Bag 1300 Series

Almost double the puncture resistance of a standard bag

Tough enough to withstand 22 lbs of force

When what you truly want is an extra-strong ESD-safe static shielding bag and not a barrier bag, SCS has the answer—the new, high puncture resistant static shielding bag (1300 Series).

With the new bags you'll have all of the regular metal-in bag options you expect--see-through packaging, choice of zip-top or heat sealable tops—but now you'll also have a static shielding bag with much higher puncture resistance (22 lbs).

While SCS's 1000 Series (puncture resistance 12 lbs) is an excellent choice for many sensitive electronic components, sometimes you need something stronger to ensure the shield won't be compromised.

SCS's 1300 series provides extra resistance against abrasions, pin holes and sharp-edged components so you can handle, pack and deliver with confidence.

Tame the tears with the 1300

  • Puncture resistance > 22 lbs
  • Stronger polyester layer
  • Zip-top or heat sealable
  • Cost efficient
  • Transparent
  • Traceable
  • Custom features available
  • Made in America
Available Sizes:

5x7, 5x8, 6x8, 6x14, 9x12, 10x24, 18x24, 6x14

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