The SCS 724 Plus workstation monitor is the first line of defense in your ESD program.

When working with sensitive ESD devices, periodic testing of workstation monitors is useful to a certain extent. Most workstation monitors can fail right after your test frequency procedure, which is dangerous to ESD susceptible items.

By replacing periodic touch testing of wrist straps with continuous monitoring using the SCS 724 Plus workstation monitor, customers ensure operators get an alert when their wrist strap and/or workstation path-to-ground connection fails. This means no more wasted time queuing at a wrist strap test station before each shift and no more daily test logs.

The SCS 724 Plus is an upgrade from the standard SCS 724. New features include:

Operator body voltage detection

Instant alarm if operator generates or comes in contact with voltage that is dangerous to an ESD-susceptible item

Compact, single workstation
continuous monitor

Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 in accordance with ESD TR1.0-01-01

Digital signal processing technology

Provides stable, continuous monitoring (versus pulsed or intermittent)

0.40 Volt operator test voltage

Reduces the risk of electrical overstress (EOS) for the handling of sensitive components

500 millisecond alarm response time

Identifies failures and intermittencies that inferior technologies miss

Operator remote disconnect alarm

Prevents tampering should one intentionally disconnect the operator remote from the monitor

Benefits of continuous monitoring using the SCS 724 Plus

  • Instant feedback on the status and functionality of wrist strap
  • Monitoring of operator and workstation
  • Detection of initial flex fatigue
  • Elimination of periodic testing
  • Ideal for dual-wire monitoring
  • Compatible with SCS 724/725 monitor verification tester
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