Mold success with SikaAxson resins, composites and laminating systems

With over 75 years of experience, SikaAxson is a leading manufacturer of high-performance epoxy tooling paste and casting epoxy for models, molds, tooling and prototypes.

SikaAxson offers tailored solutions for the aerospace industry based on polyurethanes and epoxies. Developed to provide a variety of viscosities and temperature resistance for different production processes, SikaAxson can customize existing resins or develop new systems to meet the needs of any project. SikaAxson epoxy resin products include: epoxy molds for injection molding, vacuum casting resin, tooling epoxy and epoxy fairing.

Your customers expect high-quality end products. Take advantage of SikaAxson’s proven experience in developing high-performance epoxy tooling boards and resins.

SikaAxson product families

Get proven performance with SikaAxson solutions for aerospace.

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