Potential static causes potential damage. Isn't it time you measured actual static? Rethink ESD.

Your precautionary measures are working, aren’t they? Traditional ESD control systems assess the potential for ESD events yet “walking but wounded components” wind up in the hands of customers every day. Maybe it’s time you threw caution to the wind. Now you can find and measure actual ESD events with the Static Management Program (SMP) from SCS.

Your competitive advantage begins with proper detection of electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrical overstress (EOS).

The SMP uses proprietary, diagnostic static control instrumentation to capture, record and read data affecting your products—in real time. Real-time data. Real-time results.

Here's Your Reality Check

  • Make more dependable products
  • Improve yields
  • Increase automation
  • Provide a measurable return on investment
  • Monitor all devices, including statuses and numerical values, in real time
  • Get notifications of device measurements above or below configured operational limits
  • Get detailed fault reports with aggregation, sorting and filtering, and device measurements
  • Export report data to Excel and text (delimited) formats
  • Connect to a remote server almost instantly to display system overview
  • View the entire system in status view with a detailed status of every line
  • Quickly switch between building, floor, line and device views

Hisco knows it's time to rethink ESD control. Let us do the thinking for you. Complete our brief form, and one of our highly-trained representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.

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