Ten Labels to Solve Your Engineering Challenges

Put the right one on

There’s a right label and a wrong label for an application. How do you choose the ideal one for the job? First, you’ll want to ask yourself several questions. Will your application face harsh environments, high or low temperatures, chemicals or abrasion? Will the label need to be a certain color, adhere to a particular substrate or be matte or glossy?

Labels come in hundreds of different compositions. Whether you’re looking for barcode labels, electrostatic dissipative labels, equipment identification labels, rating plates labels, circuit board labels or identification labels—you’ll want to be smart about how you choose. The wrong label could cause you to lose business, create a safety hazard, waste your time with replacing them or worse—lose the product all together because the label has been damaged or gone missing.

Know your parts

Labels consist of four essential parts—text, topcoat, film and adhesive. Each can improve your labelling outcomes when structured properly for your application.



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