The Benefits of Using a Structural Adhesive

Based on an original 3M publication.

Structural adhesives have excellent benefits when used in particular assembly operations needing tough, durable and permanent results instead of traditional mechanical fastening methods or other types of adhesives. They include epoxies (one and two part formulations); acrylics (two-part and two-step formulations); urethanes (two-part formulations); and cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives) with overlap shear strengths in excess of 1000 psi when bonding metal and testing at room temperature.

Structural adhesives:
  • Cause no substrate damage (e.g., drill holes, heat distortion)
  • Join materials without galvanic corrosion
  • Suited for a number of different geometries
  • Reduce localized stress points — increased fatigue resistance
  • Eliminate refinishing steps; leave no protrusions (better aesthetics)

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