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Design & chemistry align with innovative vacuum bagging supplies for aerospace

As the aerospace market evolves, new opportunities continue to emerge for better chemistries, enhanced performance and more cost-effective design. At the forefront of this movement Hisco has partnered with industry leaders like Solvay-Cytec to deliver breakthrough innovations in vacuum bagging consumables and other supplies. Rely on North America's largest network of AS9120 locations to help you reach new heights — and, with our lower part costs and extended product options, we'll even document your cost avoidances along the way.

Vacuum Bagging Consumable Solutions

    • Adhesive/Sealant Tapes
    • Breather Fabric
    • Flow Media
    • Peel Ply
    • Release Fabric
    • Release Film
    • Vacuum Accessories
    • Vacuum Bagging Films

We'll Soar Farther, Together.

Move Forward with North America's Largest Network of AS9120 Locations

  • Warehouse proximity - Hisco maintains North America's largest network of AS9120 certified locations, as well as the largest footprint of any North American distributor. We can ship aerospace products fast to keep your lines up.
  • Supply chain savings - Hisco is an authorized distributor of key industry suppliers including Henkel, 3M, AkzoNobel, Wacker, Lord and hundreds more. Our supply chain system is designed to increase efficiency and maximize your savings.
  • Quality compliance - With North America's largest network of AS9120 locations, our associates receive continuous training and education surrounding current policies and regulations to ensure constant quality compliance.
  • Process improvement - Support green initiatives and lessen your waste stream with process improvements designed to reduce materials and fuel usage for higher capacity and overall savings.

Chemistry goes a long way in aerospace. Hisco can take you there.

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