Eliminate trial and error with Vantage aerospace specialty cleaners.

Concerned whether a cleaner is compatible with applications like adhesive residue removal or corrosion-inhibiting compounds (CICs)? Wondering if it has the approvals you need? We know you don’t have the time or luxury of guessing if a product will work for you or not. With the most complete range of approved aerospace cleaning products on the market, Vantage’s (formerly Petroferm) sophisticated solutions meet the exacting standards and critical requirements of the aerospace/defense industry. From an assortment of high-performance manual cleaning and surface preparation formulas to qualified MIL-PRF 680 solvents, Vantage cleaning products fit your purpose with precision.


  • Teardown and assembly
  • Removal of adhesive residues
  • Removal of greases, hydraulic fluids, lubricants and oils
  • Removal of masking and fixturing waxes
  • Removal of corrosion-inhibiting compounds (CICs)
  • General purpose cleanup
  • Cleaning prior to nondestructive testing
  • Cleaning prior to bonding, sealing, painting
  • Cleaning prior to welding

Specialty Cleaning Products

  • Manual Cleaning and Surface Preparation
  • Immersion and Spray-Cleaning
  • Vapor Degreasing Equipment
  • Coating Removal
  • Military and Defense Contractors
  • Avionics, Electronic Assemblies and Rework